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Dr. Jen Theule and Associates


Our practice focuses on therapy with children and families, typically using attachment-based, cognitive-behavioural, or systemic therapies. Areas include:
• Sleeping difficulties through adulthood
• Parenting support
• Anxiety and fears
• Enuresis and encopresis
• Attachment and bonding difficulties
• Sadness and depression
• Grief
• Emotional regulation difficulties
• Behaviour problems (including aggression)
• Pre-natal or post-partum depression or anxiety


Years of practice


Peer-reviewed studies authored


We also conduct psychological assessments on learning, developmental, and mental health issues in those from ages 2 to 24 in areas including:

• Learning difficulties at school, including questions about Learning Disabilities, and how to optimize learning
• Questions about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
• Questions about Autism
• Questions about development (e.g., language delays, intellectual disabilities)
• Understanding how emotional issues are impacting a child.

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